Design Phase Schedule

During the design phase of a project, critical baseline decisions relating to budget, form, and function are made. Although the objectives of a project may be clearly established at the outset (i.e. occupancy date, budget, level of quality, etc.), the means for achieving these results are often vague.

The schedule, created in-house using UDA Construction Suite and sent to Owners, subcontractors and employees  via Construction Online  software, where it is monitored online throughout the design phase to ensure that critical decision and design milestones are met. Progress is discussed at each team meeting and alterations to the schedule are made, if major changes in scope occur or if tasks are not completed as originally planned.

In considering the schedule, elements are reviewed with respect to their impact on the sequence of construction, fabrication and delivery schedules, and the anticipated influence of weather during construction.

Using the project schedule and budget, Fascia Construction, Inc. can establish a preliminary cash flow projection of the required project funds. These costs are the Construction Manager (CM) fee, Architect fee, and estimates of construction labor and materials. This cost is dispersed over the scheduled project period. The Owner will then have a plan for monthly project expenditures.

Construction Phase Schedule

As the design continues to develop, so does the detailed master construction schedule. This schedule, which highlights activity periods for major subcontracts and material deliveries, may be included in the bid documents as a guide to the subcontractors when establishing their proposals.

With the Owner’s requirements, we will prepare the construction schedule and monitor daily construction progress and procedures established by the subcontractors and make recommendations as required maintaining or improving construction progress.


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