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Single Family Home Design Built Construction

Front Angle View Completion 10-17-2010

Here is a brief overview of a custom single family home under construction, this custom home was completed in just  five months from plans to completion.

We have build over 1200 homes in Miami-Dade County.

We Start with your vacant lot and layout the foundation:


Form for Foundation / Monolithic Slab, Installation Underground Plumbing:


Move on to forming for concrete monolithic slab and footers then we install Steel Re-inforcing bars and wire mesh:

Ready to Pour Concrete


Day of Concrete Pour Footing and Slab Together as single unit (monolithic slab)


Finishinig smooth the Concrete Slab


Remove wood forms and cure concrete slab for roughly 3-7 days.  The Concrete slab must be smooth to allow for flooring installed later.


Installation of CBS Block on top of concrete slab:


Form for Tie Beam and Columns


Tie beam is Poured and all Forms are removed  and are ready for the Roofing System:

Roof Truss Installation



Closing off the Roof Truss Ends with 2×6 wood “Fascia Board”


Complete Plywood Roof Deck Sheathing                    Roof Dry In



Installation of Metal Interior Partitions / Framing

Materials Arrive on Job Site                                               


Installation of Rough Plumbing and Rough Electrical



Installing the Insulation



Drywall Hang, Finish and Texture



Interior Painting First the Primer



Exterior Prime and Paint



Roof Tile Installation



Installation of Floor Tile 18×18 Porcelain



Interior Trim and Doors

Kitchen Cabinets Installed



Installation of Sod and Landscaping


Completion Photo’s


Home Final Completion Photo


If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call.